Session 4 – Critical Practice

With an outlook on emancipation through the appropriation of knowledge from different disciplines, the fields of architecture, planning and urbanism were to work more inter-disciplinarily and critically. In the ‘Diagnose’ exhibition, the traditional image and role of the artist-architect, driven by his/her intuition and talent for aesthetics, was strongly condemned. Design decisions were to be justified rationally and theory was to be integrated with practice. Architecture, planning and urbanism were supposed to change entirely, not just at the university but also in the professional world. Today, the call for critical practices in architecture, planning and urbanism is forming, while mainstream practices are struggling to find their legitimate role. 

with: Isabelle Doucet (Gothenburg), Tatjana Schneider (Braunschweig), Oliver Clemens (Berlin), Dagmar Pelger (Berlin)

Discussant: Philipp Misselwitz