Tavolata Foresta – Joint Dinner Performance

The alpine area, in which La Foresta operate, looks rural to the visitor’s eye. However, the majority of people living there leads an urban lifestyle and the landscape is shaped by mainstream monoculture. By connecting with radical food producers in the Vallagarina/Trentino area, members of La Foresta work on reclaiming the right to the rural that is not dictated by the agro-industry. With the food intervention at the conference, La Foresta want to share their approach in shaping alpine space. They will be invititing guests to a discussion on how radical spatial practices can be built today by creating links of solidarity across rural and urban practices of livelihood creation.

La Foresta – Accademia di Comunità is a network of Italian cultural associations, informal groups, and active citizens based in the alpine Vallagarina district. The network has formed to establish a lab-like structure at the local train station, in which to support socially-concerned change makers. La Foresta works with methods of participatory design and critical pedagogy and is particularly interested in how to create community economies through real-life experimentations and bottom-up research processes. Collaborating with the local administration, La Foresta also explores new modalities for joint action between civic and public actors. In their area of action, the word foresta has the double meaning of “forest” and “foreigner”.